ComfyNeck Buckwheat Pillow

$ 60.00

ComfyNeck Buckwheat pillows:

  • Cylindrical shape provides complete head and neck support for restful sleep. Perfect for road trips!
  • Filled with USA-grown buckwheat hulls that are cleaned without chemicals or fumigants
  • Made with 100% durable organic cotton twill fabric that is grown in the USA and certified organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture
  • A zippered opening allowing addition or removal of buckwheat for customized support
  • Custom-made pillowcase included with every ComfyNeck Buckwheat Pillow
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ComfyNeck Large

14" x 6" 17" x 6" 19" x 7"
2.5 lbs 3.5 lbs 4.5 lbs

Perfect for bringing with you on the road as you travel. Comes with a custom made pillowcase.

Comes with small sachet of balsam fir that may be added for relaxing aromatherapy.

Good for back or side sleepers. Comes with a custom made pillowcase. Good for larger adults with broad shoulders or restless sleepers. Comes with a custom made pillowcase.