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You deserve relief from life’s stresses, quality rest, and restorative sleep. That’s why we created the original ComfySleep buckwheat hull pillow over a decade ago. Our pillows, wraps, and cushions form to your body’s unique contours, alleviating even the most persistent aches and pains.

We have the shape and size buckwheat pillow to naturally match your sleep position


Our original ComfySleep buckwheat hull pillow comes in five sizes.


A cylindrical pillow for extra height and support. Choose from four sizes.


A pillow that is the right fit for switching positions while you sleep.

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Grey Pillowcase for ComfySleep Pillows

Grey Pillowcase for ComfySleep Pillows

Grey Flannel

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Made from natural, US-grown materials for years of restful sleep.

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ComfySleep Original Buckwheat Pillow

I wish I would have known about these pillows sooner. I fight with my pillows at night pulling on them and moving around because I can't get comfortable. I was waking up with neck pain. This pillow stays cool, no more neck pain, no more pulling and tugging on my pillow all night.


ComfyCurve Buckwheat Pillow

I genuinely never dreamed any pillow on earth could replace what I’ve been using for years, especially so quickly.

I was wrong.


Cylindrical Side Sleeper Pillow

I used to have a lot of neck and shoulder pain from side sleeping. I’ve tried all different kinds of pillow materials, pillow sizes, stacking pillows… nothing really helped until I found and got the buckwheat neck pillow. It’s definitely worth the buy.


Original ComfySleep Buckwheat Pillow

Very comfortable and keeps my head cool at night. It's also very supportive and great on my neck and back. I loved the zero plastic packaging and the fact it's all made in the USA.

What are buckwheat hulls?

Buckwheat hulls have been used for centuries as a natural and supportive pillow filler. They support your body's contours for a restful night's sleep. The buckwheat hulls in our pillows are grown in the USA and air-cleaned without the use of fumigants.

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Organic, US-Grown Cotton

We believe the materials near your face while you’re sleeping should be the highest quality, safe for you, and
kind to our environment. Our custom-made, organic cotton twill fabric is grown in Texas and milled in South Carolina. It’s soft but durable, for years of use.

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