Buckwheat hulls

$ 62.00

These are the same buckwheat hulls we use to fill all ComfyComfy pillows. They are USA-grown and cleaned without chemicals or fumigants.

Buckwheat hulls are a natural and renewable pillow filler that provides superior support of the head, neck and shoulders for restorative sleep. Their 3D structure does not compact and allows air to flow throughout the pillow. Therefore, buckwheat pillows do not retain stifling heat and moisture while sleeping.

2 pounds is the perfect amount of buckwheat hulls to further personalize the amount of support your ComfyComfy buckwheat pillow provides. Simply open the zipper on the pillow and add the hulls.

10 pounds is the right amount if you want to make your own buckwheat pillow, or need to replace the hulls in an old pillow.