Sleeping cool with a buckwheat pillow

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Q: Do buckwheat pillows stay cool?

A: Yes! Buckwheat pillows promote air flow for naturally cool sleep 

The secret to the breathability our buckwheat pillows is the shape of buckwheat hulls. Buckwheat hulls are pyramidal in shape. When piled together, like inside a buckwheat pillow, there are spaces between the hulls. These pockets of air will help keep your head cool on warm nights. Air flow within buckwheat pillows also helps dispel any moisture from your head and pillow.

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Here's what a few of our wonderful customers shared:

"I usually sleep very hot off and on throughout the night and this pillow doesn’t seem to retain as much heat as my other pillows do, Including the two pillows marketed as cooling pillows." ~ Terri K

"The pillow stays cool, does not warm. I find the temp always perfect." ~ Bob W

"Nothing supports as well as this buckwheat pillow. I have always had a problem with my pillow getting very hot and hence uncomfortable during the night. I have tried various products that were supposed to keep my pillow cool, but none really worked - (except the one that leaked during the night and soaked my pillow and the bed!) While I can't say this pillow is "cool", it does not get "hot", and is comfortable throughout the night." Singer S

ComfyComfy ComfySleep buckwheat hull pillows sleeping cool