Why support your body while sitting?

We spend a lot of time sitting, whether it's at our desks (or makeshift offices at the moment), in the car, in front of the TV, while reading a book or scrolling through social media on our phones. Sitting for a prolonged period of time without the proper support can aggravate problem areas and cause stiffness. 

While sitting, make sure you are getting the proper support by having a pillow in your lumbar (lower back) area. Having a lumbar pillow will allow your body to relax while also maintaining good posture, proper circulation, and prevent muscle fatigue.

ComfySupport buckwheat cushion

If you are using a laptop on the sofa or bed, a pillow can be placed on your lap to lift the laptop. Having your laptop at a more suitable height will help keep your neck from straining too far forward. Having a pillow on either side of you can also help your arms relax, just like an office chair with armrests would.

ComfySupport buckwheat hulls cushion

While relaxing, it's just as important to remember to keep the body supported. Although we tend to associate relaxation with pillows that are soft, they may not be able to keep the body properly aligned. When you are in the same position binge watching a series on Netflix, this can really cause discomfort.

So, follow the tips above whether you're working or playing and your body will thank you!