Tips for sleeping on your side with a buckwheat hull pillow video

Are you are a side sleeper? Do you have trouble getting comfortable at night and staying asleep?

If your shoulder feels crunched or sore in the morning your pillow might not be offering enough support to fill the space between your head and the side of your shoulder. In this case a firmer pillow with more height may solve the problem. If you use a buckwheat hull pillow, try shifting the hulls within the pillow to a more suitable and body conforming location, or add more hulls to your pillow. Some side-sleepers prefer a bolster shaped pillow, like our ComfyNeck.

Positioning your whole body properly for sleeping will create a more comfortable and restful time in bed.

Keeping your spine straight while sleeping will help reduce back and neck pain. When sleeping on your side, using additional pillows to support your arms and legs can make a world of difference for your whole body. They don’t have to be buckwheat pillows - regular bed pillows, or a body pillow will do.

Comfy Comfy Tips for sleeping on your side with a buckwheat hull pillow

The three pillows to use if you're a side sleeper:

  1. Under your head - to support your head, neck and shoulders
  2. Between your arms - hugging a pillow will keep your upper arm and upper back supported.
  3. Between your knees - This will elevate your hips and reduce stress on your spine.

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Sleeping on your side with a buckwheat pillow - by ComfyComfy