How we naturally refresh and rejuvenate our buckwheat hull pillows

Summer is here on the farm, and it’s the best time to rejuvenate and refresh our pillows and bedding. On sunny days we put our pillows and blankets outside to be naturally disinfected thanks to the UV rays from the sun. UV rays can naturally disinfect, remove stains, and mold!

Cleaning and disinfecting are not the same. First, make sure your bedding or clothing is clean. Then put it in the direct sun to be disinfected and remove stains. For directions on how to clean your buckwheat pillow, check out our guide here.

There are a few options you can take to rejuvenate your pillow depending on how involved you would like to be.

Put your pillow in the sun

Low effort

If your pillow is relatively new, you don’t have much time or energy put your buckwheat pillow in direct sunlight. After an hour flip it over so the other side can bask in the sun. This method only disinfects the cotton surface of your pillow.

Separate the pillow cover and buckwheat hulls, then put both in the sun

Medium effort

If you have used your pillow for a long time, or are a hot, sweaty sleeper this is a good option. Unzip your buckwheat pillow and dump all the buckwheat hulls in a clean vessel large enough to hold them all. I like to use a plastic tote. Put the tote and empty pillowcase in the sun for a few hours. Periodically mix the buckwheat so as many hulls as possible are exposed to the sun. Getting all the buckwheat back into the pillow can be messy. For our personal pillows I use a kitchen cup measure. It’s slow, but I make the least mess.

Separate your pillow, wash the case and put the buckwheat in the sun

High effort

This option is good if your pillow is actually dirty from sweat or if something spilled on it. Follow the directions above, but put the twill cotton case in the washing machine. Make sure to get all the buckwheat out before you wash it. We recommend washing the case on cold and tumble or air drying. It will shrink a bit, and may be wrinkly. Make sure the case is COMPLETELY dry before putting the buckwheat back in.

Separate the pillow, and buy new buckwheat hulls

Medium effort (plus some $$)

This option is good if your pillow got really dirty, or you have been using it for many, many years. Buckwheat hulls gradually breakdown over time. If your pillow feels flatter than it used to the buckwheat may have flattened with use. You can purchase new buckwheat hulls to completely refill your pillow, or add in a small amount of new hulls to rejuvenate it.

Buy a new pillow

Low effort, high $$$

Sometimes it’s necessary to purchase a new pillow. If you leave your pillow outside in the rain for a few days, or your dog has an accident on your pillow, it may be time to invest in a new one.