Collaborating with Stitch Buffalo

For many years I lived on the west side of Buffalo, NY. I rode my bike all over our diverse neighborhood to work with organizations like Stitch Buffalo.

At Stitch I was embraced into a warm, welcoming, brightly colored world of textiles.

For years I wanted to collaborate with Stitch Buffalo to create products that combine the natural support of buckwheat hulls with the beauty created by Stitch Buffalo artists.

stitch buffalo woven cushions

Over a year ago I had the first handwoven cushion cover samples made, so we could thoroughly test them with buckwheat hull inserts.

I’m very happy the handwoven cushion covers live up to my hopes. We have napped on them, sat on them, propped a baby learning to sit on them, and spilled things on them.

The intricate threads might look delicate, but they are strong.

ComfyComfy and Stitch Buffalo make beautiful and functional buckwheat hull cushions