Characteristics That Make ComfyComfy The Perfect Pillow Video

Characteristics That Make ComfyComfy The Perfect Pillow

In this video, Melissa from ComfyComfy shares with us the characteristics that make ComfyComfy buckwheat pillows such a high quality product. 

Our Cotton Twill Fabric

The custom woven cotton twill that is used, is made from 100% organic cotton that is grown and woven in the U.S. It has a wonderful texture, and it is woven tightly. This keeps the buckwheat hulls well contained in the pillow.

Our Buckwheat Hulls

The buckwheat hulls in our pillows, are the highest great possible. This means that the majority have retained their 3D triangular shape and allow air to flow through and moisture to wick away while you're sleeping.

Our Zippers

We make sure the zippers are sewn on securely so that there are no gaps for buckwheat hulls to escape.

Extra Hulls

We include extra bag of hulls with our ComfySleep pillows so that you can add more loft if you want to even higher pillow.

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