Top customer questions

Can you wash a buckwheat pillow?

The pillow case is washable. It made from 100% organic cotton, so it might shrink a little. Make sure to remove all the buckwheat hulls before washing your pillow. What to see how we do this? Check out our post on how to clean a buckwheat pillow.

What size pillow should I get?

Our pillows come in two shapes and many sizes. The shape and size pillow that is best for you depends on you and how you sleep. Try reading our articles on buckwheat pillow shape and What size ComfySleep pillow is right for you? to help figure it out.

Do buckwheat pillows make a lot of noise?

Buckwheat hulls make noise when you move them around. Most people don't notice the rustling at all. If you're worried that a buckwheat pillow might be loud, try laying down on any pillow and listening to all the sounds you can hear when you move around!

Of course, you can always contact us with any questions you have. Happy sleeping!


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