4 reasons to invest in a buckwheat pillow

A buckwheat pillow is an investment for years of better sleep. Here are four reasons to invest in a ComfyComfy buckwheat pillow:

1. Strong sturdy fabric. Our fabric in grown, milled and woven in the USA. Organic cotton used to make our pillows is grown in Texas, then milled and woven in South Carolina.

2. Naturally grown buckwheat hulls. You sleep and breath very close to your pillow every night. A pillow made with natural, plant based materials that are cleaned without the use of fumigates is important.

3. Sewn using the best materials. Our pillows are made with the highest quality materials, including Guterman thread and YKK zippers. 

4. Made in the USA. Our pillows are sewn and packaged by the meticulous skills of a Mennonite family.

July 25, 2017 by Claire Collie
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