How to care for your buckwheat pillow

Protect your pillow from the wear of daily use with a pillowcase.
Spot wash your pillow with a damp cloth. Let the pillow dry out in a sunny spot.
Keep your pillow dry and well aired. Moisture leads to buckwheat hull degradation.
To store buckwheat pillows, place in a clean pillowcase and keep in a dry well ventilated area.
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William J Campagnolo DC

William J Campagnolo DC said:

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help I went ahead and ordered the pillow for my patient I’ll let you know how he likes it. I let him try one of my old pillows and he absolutely loved the buckwheat husk pillow

Claire at ComfyComfy

Claire at ComfyComfy said:

Hi William J Campagnolo DC,

We’re happy to hear your patient likes your buckwheat pillow. I hope he likes his own just as much!

Claire and the ComfyComfy team

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