Why making our buckwheat pillows in the USA is so important

Our supportive buckwheat hull pillows are made from start to finish in the USA. Our certified organic cotton fabric is grown in Texas. The yarns are spun in North Carolina and then woven into twill fabric in South Carolina. The buckwheat hulls that fill our pillows are grown in the western US by a cooperative of farmers. They are grown without the use of chemicals.

ComfyComfy buckwheat hull pillow with buckwheat flower on it. Made in the USA pillow.

The environment is one reason keeping our materials and supply chain in the US is important to us.

The materials in our pillows travel fewer miles than imported materials. This means there are fewer carbon emissions released in making our pillows. We also know that the crops grown to make our buckwheat pillows are grown following USDA standards. US agriculture is far from perfect, but there are traceable standards for the cotton and buckwheat in our pillows.

ComfyComfy how a buckwheat hull pillow is made

Our labor force is a second reason why we are committed to US manufacturing

We value the people who work for us and believe they should be paid well for their skills and labor. We pay the women who work for us a living wage. We also value the partners that work with us by growing raw materials, weaving the fabric and transporting our pillows to you.

ComfyComfy got it’s start selling pillows on Amazon. We are now working to build a stronger presence outside this marketplace with partners who’s values align with ours.

ComfyComfy family sitting with buckwheat hull pillows

Our pillows are not the cheapest. Creating products that are less expensive, but may exploit people or the planet, is not our goal. We are committed to valuing people and building a business that supports our team. We value the planet and are committed to making products that tread as lightly as possible.