Tips for buying a buckwheat pillow

Learn where the buckwheat hulls are grown

Buckwheat hulls are the foundation of each buckwheat pillow, and you should know where the buckwheat was grown before it became your pillow. The buckwheat hulls that fill our pillows are grown in the western US by a cooperative of farmers. Buckwheat is a fast growing crop that doesn't require the use of pesticides.

Learn how the buckwheat hulls were treated once harvested

The buckwheat in our pillows are air cleaned to remove all harvest dust and debris. We use premium buckwheat hulls with an uncompromised 3D shape. Fumigants are not used. Organically grown products that are imported may be treated with fumigants when they enter the country. Make sure you know where the buckwheat hulls are from and how they are treated! 

Check from what kind of fabric the pillow is made

The fabric that a buckwheat pillow is made from should be durable so buckwheat hulls don't poke through, but soft and flexible for comfortable bedtime use. The fabric we use to make our pillows is custom woven twill, made from organic cotton that is grown and milled in the USA.

Make sure there is a zipper to add or remove buckwheat hulls

Your pillow should fit your unique person perfectly. To do that you might need to add or remove buckwheat hulls to find the perfect fit. All our buckwheat pillows have an invisible zipper to add or remove buckwheat hulls.

January 22, 2018 by Claire Collie
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