Plastic Free by 2023

In the past week we have had all kinds of weather here in New York. Days of non-stop rain that turned our fields into swamps followed by lots of sun and heat that felt more like mid-July than May. Summers are getting hotter on average and it makes us think critically (while sweating) about how our business practices affect our environment.

ComfyComfy buckwheat hull pillow with plastic free packaging

This year we are committed to achieving plastic free packaging.

We are phasing out all the poly mailers, plastic lined bags, polyester textiles and even plastic packing tape. In exchange we will be focused on products that are recyclable, compostable, or reusable. The changes won’t be immediate as we develop new methods and source new products.

Here’s an example of one update we’re proud of

Our signature ComfySleep buckwheat pillows come with extra buckwheat hulls to customize your pillow. In the past these have been packaged in paper bags (not sturdy enough) or bags with twist-tie tops (sturdy, but lined with plastic).

ComfyComfy bulk buckwheat hulls plastic free

The solution? A cloth bag with ties. Why this is better?

  • Cotton fabric is breathable so moisture won’t be trapped around your extra buckwheat hulls.
  • The bag can be reused (we use them in our diaper bag to hold toys and clean clothes)
  • They are made from fabric that is leftover from our custom pillow case (so they are organic, US grown cotton!)
  • Making them is another way we can support the women who work for ComfyComfy