Introducing the Comfy Curve: our newest buckwheat hull pillow

ComfyComfy curved buckwheat hull pillow for side sleepers and back sleepers

ComfyComfy’s newest buckwheat pillow is a brand new shape!

Our ComfyCurve buckwheat pillow has a subtle curved side on one side. The curve makes it easier for you to wrap the pillow around your head, neck and shoulders for more supportive sleep. The arms of each pillow allow for both side and back sleepers to find the most relaxing position to doze off in. They makes it easier to change positions while you sleep. If you roll from your back to your side the pillow is right where you want it without extra adjustment.

ComfyComfy buckwheat hull pillow ComfyCurve organic made in usa vegan

The perfect supportive pillow for combination sleepers

The ComfyCurve Buckwheat Hull Pillow's unique shape makes it an ideal pillow for combination sleepers. Combination sleepers are those who switch positions in the night. If you start sleeping on your back and wake up on your side (or the other way around) you are a combination sleeper.

The shape of the ComfyCurve pillow is what makes it perfect for combination sleepers. When you are on your back the 'arms' of the pillow cradle your head and neck. If you roll onto your side the pillow arms are right where you need support.

To adjust the ComfyCurve for sleeping at night I just pull the arms down. I like how this covers my ears, making a little cozy (but not hot!) cocoon for sleeping.

We spent over a year testing this pillow in our own lives. 

  • It helped a side sleeper spend more time sleeping comfortable on his back
  • It was a body support pillow during pregnancy and a nursing pillow 
  • It helped support a young baby as she learned to support herself to sit
  • It was a lap pillow for holding a laptop while working from home

Man sleeping on a comfycomfy buckwheat hull pillow restful supportive sleeping side sleeper

A few ComfyCurve reviews from our testing group:

We aren't alone in loving this new pillow. 

"I noticed that my neck experienced even less stress while back sleeping, but when I changed to a side position, the pillow was right where I wanted it to be without adjustments."

"It is definitely more comfortable when I'm sleeping on my side. I feel like it offers more support due to the point nesting under my arm (I tend to have my arm stretched upward under the pillow)."

"I like the curve ends and was sleeping with the pillow "vertical" on the bed (as opposed to across like a normal pillow) the second arm of the pillow was mid shoulder blades on my back and kept me on my side."

Woman on comfycomfy curved buckwheat hull pillow sleeping supported

Product Details:

  • Filled with USA-grown buckwheat hulls that are cleaned without chemicals or fumigants
  • Made with soft and durable organic 10 oz cotton twill fabric that is grown in the USA and certified organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture
  • Zippered opening allowing addition or removal of buckwheat for customized support