Claire's favorite buckwheat pillow

What is my favorite size buckwheat pillow? Our smallest ones! Called travel or toddler size, I find these to be so useful in so many different ways. ⁠

Woman holding comfycomfy mini buckwheat hull pillow

Three ways to use our smallest buckwheat hull pillow:

They are just the right size to prop up my head when reading in bed, to stick under my head when nursing, to hold up my book on the couch (ok, really to hold my iPad when watching K-dramas)⁠.

Woman sitting on couch with tea and comfycomfy buckwheat hull pillow

They are also the perfect little lumbar pillow. On the couch, in the car, or at a desk chair, I usually need just a little extra support when I'm sitting. ⁠

Eric has wonderfully broad shoulders. He needs a lot of support when he sleeps on his side. Regular down pillows, or hotel pillows have never had enough support, so he always travels with his own buckwheat pillow. ⁠

Man sleeping on ComfyComfy mini buckwheat hull pillow for side sleepers made in the USA

Travel / Toddler Size Buckwheat Hull Pillow Details:

  • Measures 17 x 11 inches
  • Filled with 2.5 pounds US grown buckwheat hulls
  • Custom organic cotton pillowcases are available here