5 Benefits of Buckwheat pillows

Why are buckwheat pillows so good?

1. Buckwheat pillows provide proper support for your body

Your head, neck and shoulders need to be supported for you to maintain good posture during sleep. Buckwheat pillows are able to do that. Once you mold the hulls into the correct position for your body, your head and neck will be kept in an ergonomic position because the buckwheat hulls do not compact while you're sleeping. Soft pillows that collapse under the weight of your head are actually not good, because you aren't getting the proper support that you need. Buckwheat hull pillows are the best for side sleepers who need a lot of shoulder support.

2. Buckwheat hulls are a superior, supportive pillow filler

There are millions of hulls in a buckwheat pillow. You can move and shift them around to shape your pillow to your unique contours. When you lie down, the pressure exerted by your your body semi-locks the buckwheat into place until you use some force to move them around again.

3. Cool sleeping all night long, even in the summer

The triangular shape of buckwheat hulls allow air to pass through easily making it very breathable. A buckwheat pillow doesn't trap heat, so you won't have to turn your pillow over to sleep on the cool side in the middle of the night, because both sides are the cool sides!

4. Buckwheat hulls are a renewable resource

Buckwheat hulls are the seed coat from buckwheat seeds. Buckwheat seeds are used to make foods such as noodles, pancakes, and porridge. The seed coat is not edible. When buying a buckwheat pillow, it is important to make sure that the hulls are pillow-grade, which means they retain their triangular shape, and have been thoroughly cleaned without fumigates. 

5. Buckwheat pillows last for years, saving you money in the long run!

Although buckwheat pillows may cost more than traditional feather or cotton pillows, they are the more economical choice in the long run because they can usually last around 10 years or longer, whereas traditional pillows only last for about 3 years.


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