3 tips for using a buckwheat Pillow

Changing how you sleep - like using a buckwheat pillow for the first time - can be hard. Check out our three tips for using a buckwheat pillow. 

ComfyComfy three tips for using a buckwheat pillow

1. Customize your buckwheat pillow.

ComfyComfy buckwheat pillows can be adjusted to fit your unique body by adding or removing buckwheat hulls. The invisible zipper on our pillows, allows buckwheat hulls to be removed for a more looser pillow, or added for a firmer pillow.

2. Move the buckwheat hulls to conform to the curve of your neck.

Your head should not be tilted when laying on the pillow. If you sleep on your back, place your head on the pillow and your shoulders on the mattress. Your pillow should support your head and neck, not your shoulders. If you sleep on your side, make sure your pillow provides enough height to support the height of your shoulder.

3. Use pillows to support your whole body while sleeping - not just your head!

If you sleep on your side try using three pillows: one for your head, one between your arms and one between your legs. If you sleep on your back, try tucking a second pillow under your knees to help straighten and support your spine.


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