Is your buckwheat pillow in the wrong position for good sleep?

We receive many questions about using buckwheat pillows, so today we're going to illustrate some of the wrong ways to position a buckwheat pillow.


Here, the pillow Maggie is using is too high under her neck. Her head is angled back, and her chin is tilted upwards. She should move the buckwheat hulls around so there are less in the space under her neck and her forehead is level with her chin.



In this picture, Art's pillow has too much buckwheat in the center. His shoulders lay on top of the pillow, so the buckwheat hulls aren't actually giving good support of his neck. He should move some hulls so his neck is receiving support and his shoulders are resting on the mattress. 


What is the proper position for a buckwheat pillow?


Lay your pillow down where you plan to sleep.

Place your head on the pillow and your shoulders on the mattress.

Move the buckwheat hulls in the pillow to conform to the curvature of your neck. Your head and neck should be in a relaxed position, neither tilted forwards nor angled back.

(These directions apply to side sleepers as well, as shown in the photo above.)


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Claire Collie December 17, 2018

Msy I know if you accept order/s of buckwheat bed pillows to be shipped to Asia?

Maureen Martin December 17, 2018

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