How to heat a flaxseed heat therapy wrap

Are you ready to get really cozy? 

Our flaxseed heat wraps are a wonderful way to warm up your body, day or night. They are filled with 100% organic flaxseeds. Flaxseeds are 30% flaxseed oil, which remains in the seed even when a flaxseed heating pad is warmed or cooled many times.

A flaxseed heat wrap will conform and embrace your body, providing pleasurable, natural warmth. The sections in our heat wraps mean the flaxseed won't all shift to one end, and will evenly distribute heat.

How to heat a flaxseed heat wrap - ComfyComfy

A microwave is necessary to heat up flaxseed heating pads.

  1. Place flaxseed heat wrap in microwave. 
  2. Heat flaxseed heat wrap one minute at a time, checking each minute to see how hot your heat wrap has become. Not all microwaves are created equally. Some are more powerful than others, and this has to be taken into account when heating a flaxseed heat wrap the first few times.
  3. If your microwave doesn’t have a rotating plate, make sure to shift the heat wrap around while it is heating up. 
  4. Place heat wrap on your body to warm up or relax muscles and enjoy!

Please note! Flaxseed heat wraps can be very hot, so always be careful with them, especially around children and those who are sensitive to heat.


ComfyComfy how to heat a flaxseed heat therapy wrap