Massage Therapy Balls - Upper Body

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To relieve tension in the neck, shoulders and back.

Massage Therapy Yoga Balls:
  • are an effective self-exercise aid that can strengthen muscles, open joints, increase spinal flexibility and stimulate blood flow
  • come in a variety of sizes and degrees of firmness to penetrate specific areas of the body
  • can be used at your convenience in your home, office or elsewhere
  • are recommended for anyone who suffers pain and stiffness from tension, working at a computer, driving, or participating in fitness training or sports
  • Note: do not roll on spine
  • Some massage therapy balls need inflation using a hand pump with an air inflation needle
How to use Massage Therapy Balls:


View more video tutorials here.

This set contains:



Body Massage Ball (black) - for overall stretching and toning

Acupressure Ball (2x) - to penetrate deep into muscles by pressing the ball directly into taut muscles 

Deep Tissue Acupressure Ball (pink)- to activate acupressure points and to release deep rooted tension