ComfyTravel with Balsam Fir

$ 60.00

ComfyTravel Buckwheat pillow with Balsam Fir:

  • Cylindrical shape provides complete head and neck support for restful sleep. Pillow is for perfect for couch, car or plane.
  • Measures 14" x 6"
  • Filled with 2.5 lbs USA-grown buckwheat hulls that are cleaned without chemicals or fumigants
  • Made with 100% durable organic cotton twill fabric that is grown in the USA and certified organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture
  • A zippered opening allowing addition or removal of buckwheat for customized support
  • Custom-made pillowcase included with every ComfyTravel Buckwheat Pillow


  • Balsam sachet included may be added to the pillow through the zipper, or kept in the velvet bag for use in closets and draws. The balsam we use to fill our pillows is wild harvested from private woodlots in Maine. This ensures that the trees were not sprayed with any chemicals.
  • In the language of herbs balsam stands for warm friendship. The aromatic resin of the balsam tree was used by Native Americans as a salve for cuts, sores and burns. Balsam fir seems to boost the immune system and it has been used for stress related disorders. It is of great benefit to sufferers of SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder. Just smelling it can lift us from winter's gloom.


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