ComfyNeck Pillowcases - set of two

$ 34.00

Our pillowcases are made in the US. You'll receive two custom made ComfyNeck pillowcases per order.

Size Guide 

  • ComfyNeck Small 12" x 20"
  • ComfyNeck Medium 13" x 23"
  • ComfyNeck Large 14" x 26" 
  • ComfyNeck Extra large 15" x 29" 


Our pillowcases are custom made from 100% American Supima percale. This mid-weight cotton remains crisp even after numerous washes. Supima cotton is a variety of cotton grown in the USA that has extra-long fibers. This makes our fabric strong, soft and durable for many years of use. Percale is fabric that is woven with a simple one-over, one-under weave.

How to use an envelope pillowcase

Slip your pillow into the case. Once it is all the way in, tuck the pillow-end under the flap of fabric. Inside the pillowcase, your pillow will stay put all night, even if you toss and turn. The clean finish means both sides of your pillow are soft and smooth for comfortable sleep.

Care Instructions

Machine wash in cool water with similar items and mild detergent. Tumble dry and remove promptly from the machine to avoid wrinkles.