What we packed - a weekend away

Last weekend the whole ComfyComfy family came together to celebrate a birthday and an engagement. On Friday morning we jetted down to the DC area for a weekend of food, old friends and pillow discussion. The test?

Can everything needed for the weekend, including a buckwheat pillow, fit in a carry-on bag?

The answer? Yes! With room to spare. Granted, I am good at packing light and knew this trip wouldn't require anything beyond a basic wardrobe.



A spare pare of jeans, some tee-shirts and a warm sweater were all I needed. I tucked a pair of slippers in too. What luxury to have warm feet!

It isn't often that the whole family comes together and someone remembers to take a picture. With everyone together there was abundant discussion and planning about buckwheat and flaxseed pillows. There are exciting things happening in the next few months, so stay tuned!

The time of year when people travel and families come together is approaching. If you are traveling, will you bring your buckwheat pillow with you?
November 07, 2014 by Claire Collie

Traveling with a buckwheat pillow

It can be difficult to get a good nights sleep while traveling.

Visiting new places inevitably means strange pillows and mattresses that just aren't the same as home.

We spent the last month traveling in Germany. Our ComfyTravel buckwheat pillows were one of the first things we packed! We knew they would make sleeping more restful and help keep our bodies from aching on long flights. We used our pillows all the time: on the transatlantic flight, on the train from Frankfurt to Berlin, and even when we stopped at hotels for the night during a bike trip along the Lahn River.

The ComfyTravel was small enough to fit easily in our carry-on bags, but big enough to provide ample support while sleeping. Each pillow comes with a pillowcase to protect it from the rigors of traveling.

Happy Sleeping!
June 24, 2013 by Maggie Wong