ComfySleep pillows - made with organic fabric!

ComfySleep pillows are now made with organic cotton twill fabric that was grown on US farms and woven in US mills!


We have been working towards this goal for a long time. Sustainable, fair practices are very important to us at ComfyComfy and we want to reflect our values in the pillows we make. We’ve been contacting growers, and working with weavers to find a fabric that matched all of our needs.

Why organic cotton twill?

The fabric used to make our buckwheat pillows needed to be durable to contain buckwheat hulls for many years without being stiff and uncomfortable. It needed to be soft and create a pleasant experience for all those who would rest their head on our pillow each night. Lastly, this fabric needed to be planted, grown, harvested and woven as close to home as possible.

We found farmers in Texas who produce the majority of organic cotton used the US, and a weaver in South Carolina that is as dedicated to making sustainable products as we are.

Sleep well knowing your ComfySleep pillow was grown in the US and made in the US.

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February 19, 2015 by Claire Collie