Filling flaxseed heat wraps with friends

I make all of our flaxseed heat wraps from my home in Maryland. For the past few months I've been busy sewing the pillows, filling them with organic flaxseeds and packaging them up to be sent to you!


On a cool October day I invited a couple of my yoga students, Gabriella and Karen, to help me package flaxseed neck wraps. I sewed up the final seams on the pillows while they rolled and packed the pillows up.


Karen said: "It was serious fun teaming up with Gabriella as we both tried to stay ahead of Maggie’s filling and sewing. We teased her that she had the “easy” jobs because packing each single pillow requires over a dozen separate actions. Four hands are definitely faster than two!"

Having friends to help with this task made for an enjoyable afternoon. Thank you very much Gabriella and Karen for your help!

Interested in our flaxseed heat wraps? See all the details here!

October 22, 2014 by Maggie Wong
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