Making flaxseed heat wraps

We spent this summer hard at work sewing flax seed pillows for the upcoming cold, winter months. Now that fall weather really has arrived we're using our flax seed pillows all the time to help warm up hands and feet.  

Organic flaxseeds are purchased from the co-op down the road.
Fabric is laid out on the cutting table. Patterns for each heat wrap are laid on top and traced.
Heat wraps edges are sewn twice to ensure the flaxseeds stay inside. A small opening is left to fill each heat wrap.
Flaxseeds are weighed and poured inside.
Once the pillows are filled the small opening is sewn with two seams.
Heat wraps are measured to make sure they are the right size and weight.
Finished heat wraps ready for shipment!


October 08, 2013 by Maggie Wong
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