What we packed - camping with a buckwheat pillow

We knew that this past weekend might be the last camping trip of the year. The days are still sunny and warm in western New York. The nights weren't too cold. And the leaves are bursting into color. So, contingents from both ComfyComfy in both US and Canada packed up and went camping.

If there is ever a time to bring your buckwheat pillow with you, camping is it.

We are not extreme campers by any means. Camping includes a car full of stuff, so piling in a buckwheat pillow (or two) isn't hard. We brought ComfyTravel pillows with us since their smaller size fits better in a small tent. A good, supportive pillow makes a huge difference when sleeping on an air mattress and lumpy ground!


Other essentials for 'roughing it' in the great outdoors (besides our pillows) include: a backpack with lots of pockets, a long sleeve shirt to keep off the bugs when the sun goes down, a multipurpose tool for whittling down sticks for s'more, a headlamp and a refillable water bottle. We live in the city, so a big draw of camping is spending time outside in the hammock. On this trip our campsite bordered a cornfield and we watched the setting sun. And then the milky way, which you can't even see from in the city.

How are you spending the last few warm days of the season?
Do you bring your buckwheat pillow when you travel?
September 30, 2014 by Claire Collie
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