Why we love our flaxseed heat wraps

"I put a heated Neck Cozy flaxseed heat wrap on my lap when I’m at the computer to warm me, and to warm my hands my hands when they are not on the keyboard." ~Art


“It’s cold where we live! Ten minutes or so before bed I put a heated Comfy Back Warmer flaxseed heat wrap under the blankets at the foot of the bed. When I get in the bed is nice and warm!” ~ Claire


“My flaxseed heat wrap warms up my hands and feet when I go to bed. It helps me fall asleep easily. I am so used to it that it’s like a security blanket.” ~ Maggie



November 13, 2014 by Claire Collie

How to care for your flaxseed heat wrap

  1. Microwave your heat wrap a minute at a time to test the strength of your microwave
  2. For cooling in the freezer, keep pillow in a plastic bad to keep it clean and the prevent ice from forming
  3. To keep your pillow clean, consider putting it in a cotton pillowcase that can be laundered periodically
  4. Spot wash with a damp cloth only and let the pillow dry in a sunny spot
  5. Store flaxseed heat wraps in a cool, dry place - as you would woolens and down blankets
October 15, 2013 by Claire Collie